mardi 6 avril 2010

Giant Moleskin #3

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Fabiana Makiyama a dit…

Je ne peux pas parler français. :|

I just loved your art! Looks like some what I have tried to do, but very, very, veeeeery better! I love this kind of work!

I had a teacher who use to tell me that I couldn´t draw with a lot of little lines; it should be... oh... I don´t know how to say this in English... I think the most correctly word would be "firm", in one unique trace. But this happened a long time ago.

Latelly I have been used much more the computers to do ad´s and newsletters than use pencil and papers. BUT I use to have a big pad and pencils next to my bad to draw any crazy things before I went to sleep. It´s recently, so I don´t have anything interesting to show.

BUT I just pass here to tell how much I appreciate your work.

Sorry for my bad English. I´m from Brazil and I´ve been find you by Twitter.

Bjorn Nelissen a dit…


Is this a watercolor Moliskine or the 'normal' one?

Alexandre Day a dit…


It's a normal Moleskin "Sketch"